"You Know What That Means?"


"Both my 5 and 9 year old love this book. It's hard to find good books for children to read/read to. My son reads this to my daughter and they both love it. I think I know it by heart they pick it so often!"

Kmetz Family

"This is the cutest little book for kids that are always getting hurt. Being overly dramatic about bumps and bruises. I think every family should own this book."

Jessica Bouch

"Such a cute book!! My 6 and 7 year olds "love it!" It's a new favorite! And, now any time one of them gets a minor injury we now know how to make them feel better fast!! This would definitely be a great teacher gift too!!"


"This book was perfect for my niece and nephew (6 & 3). The author has a wonderful, fun, vivid imagination and its perfectly illustrated."


"This story is imaginative, creative and silly. My 7 year old daughter has read it numerous times and brings it up during conversations. Great pick for any age!!!"

Kari M. Paraschak

"My 4 year old loves it :) I loved the discussion questions at the end."


"Super awesome book!! My two nephews loved it and it was fun to read. A great book to get kids using there imagination."

Shaun F.

"This is such a fun book. the whole family loved it!"


"Great book!!! It was so creative! My sons loved it!!"

Jane Testa

"A wonderful children's book from a brilliant first time author who also happens to be a teacher herself. Join Mrs. Butterscotch and her classroom full of fun kiddos as they discover together what it would mean if.... (hey, you gotta read it to find out!)

I can't wait for the next one!"

Dave Bennett

"My daughter is 2 years old and even though we just opened the package yesterday I have read it to her 5 times! It was an instant hit and I think it's safe to say this is her new favorite book! 😂 The illustrations are vibrant and silly and the story line is adorable! We both love it! ❤️"

Savannah Jacoby

"This story is fun to read out loud and brings the friendly characters to life. Great book to interact with my son and pretend to be the imagined illustrations while subtly teaching a simple life lesson."



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