A Sneak Peek At What's Coming Up

So far I have a collection of over 60 ideas which have been mapped out at various stages. Some have been laid out in story boards, some have been fully written, and some are still just titles with a few details. People often ask me where my inspiration comes from. A lot of different places tends to be my answer. I love walking around book stores, listening to friends and family members stories and thinking back on my own experiences (both as a teacher and a student). 

I have 3 ideas I'm kicking around for my next book(s).

Option 1: I always joke around with my students about where their parents are while we are waiting for them at dismissal. We make us crazy scenarios that leave us chuckling. For example, I might say something like, "I think your mom bought you all the presents in the world today and she is currently wrapping them and that's why she's late." It keeps the kids from getting anxious when their parents are running a few minutes late. 

Option 2: Many of my students at my old school lived close enough to walk home. This inspired me to think of creative ways they could get home, for example, ride on a pegasus, drive a horse drawn charriot or float home in a hot air balloon. It's always fun to think of a new way to do something you do the same way everyday. 

Option 3: Many times a week, my students and I discuss the importance of doing the right thing even if no one is watching. This inspired me to think of different situations in which children have the opportunity to make a good choice or try to get away with something because they think they won't get caught. For example, most of my students will walk beautifully when I am walking backwards and looking right at them. When I turn around and walk forward, I catch reflections of some of them sporting their best dance moves. I constantly remind them that they should make good choices because it is the right thing to do, not because I'm watching. 

Let me know which one you like best by going on my author's page on Facebook (search for Sally's stories if you aren't already following me).  I will be giving away a copy of my new book by doing a drawing from all the people who leave a comment about their favorite option. Good luck!

Hot Air Balloons